September 17, 2021
FIRST Responder Joint Insurance Fund
About Us
Who We Are - FiremenSince 1985, Joint Insurance Funds (JIFs) have provided an opportunity for like minded entities to join together, build and direct an insurance program that fits their unique needs.

Founded in 2009, with 9 charter members, the First Responder Joint Insurance Fund (FIRST) is controlled and operated by its members. Each member appoints a representative (fund commissioner) to meet annually as a General Fund that elects an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets regularly to make decisions regarding the Fund's operation.

Fund Professionals are contracted by the Fund allowing for savings on professional services through a competitive bidding process. All professionals support the concept of self-insurance and members' risk management activities as these are necessary elements of success.

FIRST utilizes Risk Management Consultants (RMC) to act as a bridge between the Fund and the individual member. The RMC coordinates with the member on matters relating to the Fund's operation and success.

FIRST’s goals include:
  • Provide qualified first responders organizations with a long-term alternative to the conventional insurance market for all lines of their required insurance coverage
  • Provide predictability in insurance costs
  • Reduce claims costs by risk management and loss control activities
  • Respond to first responders’ unique insurance needs
  • Maintain a conservative funding posture to ensure long-term financial security and stability of the JIF.
The day to day operations are the responsibility of Public Entity Group Administrative Services (PEGAS). PEGAS is an experienced JIF manager, with offices in West Windsor, NJ.
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